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Cement & Concrete

Our Kaolin products are used in countless applications. We’ve made it easy for you to narrow down your search with our Product Finder.

Kaolins can be used for cement & concrete applications as fillers or reactive constituents. BURGESS NO. 20 is a simple filler and rheological modifier to improve texture and trowelability. BURGESS OPTIPOZZ is a reactive metakaolin that converts free calcium hydroxide given off as a byproduct of the portland gel cement phase to a cementitious particle itself, improving the final cement strength, flex, chemical and soil resistance, as well as reducing shrinkage and cracking.

Due to its chemical composition, and as a result of a unique heat treatment process, BURGESS OPTIPOZZ is a highly reactive metakaolin that is categorized as a Class N Pozzolan. The term “highly reactive” means that BURGESS OPTIPOZZ metakaolin is available to react with the free lime produced as a result of the Portland cement.

By utilizing BURGESS OPTIPOZZ metakaolin in a cementitious mix design, the working characteristics of wet concrete and finished properties of cured concrete are significantly improved.

By replacing 10% – 20% of the weight of cement in the mix design, BURGESS OPTIPOZZ will significantly reduce efflorescence.

OPTIPOZZ is used to:

  • Reduce permeability
  • Improve ease of finishing concrete
  • Lower cement content ( lower shrinkage)
  • Reduce efflorescence
  • Eliminate bleed water – capillary channels
  • Increase compressive and flexural strength
  • Increased chemical resistance & durability
  • Reduce ASR (Alkali Silica Reaction) by replacing 8% – 12% of the cement in a mix design

OPTIPOZZ Examples:

  • High strength concrete mix designs – commercial buildings
  • Parking desk structures
  • Bridge decks, piers, pilings, seawalls
  • Pool plasters
  • Self compacting (consolidating) concrete (SCC)
  • Self leveling compounds
  • Concrete countertops
  • Shotcrete Faux (artifical) rocks
  • Grouts EIFS & Stucco