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Kaolin clay, or kaolinite, is a white mineral mined in Middle Georgia where Burgess Pigment Company is headquartered. It is chemically inert, nonabrasive, and useful in a wide range of applications including paper, paints and coatings, plastics, wire and cable insulation and jacketing, cement, and ink.

Chances are, you’ve used something today that was manufactured with kaolin. In fact, chances are good you’re using something right now that includes kaolin! Here are some of the most common applications:

Paint & Coatings

Kaolin adds desirable qualities to paints and coatings: increased opacity, receptivity to and dispersion of pigment, stain and abrasion resistance, and improved longevity. Whether these paints and coatings are used in the homebuilding, decorative paints, or automotive markets, kaolin products are a key ingredient.

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Kaolin products provide increased strength and endurance in polymers. Kaolin improves strength, performance, and durability in wire and cable insulation, even in high stress uses. More efficient cables provide savings on electrical costs, and the improved strength and durability mean fewer replacements of costly cables. In rubber, kaolin helps regulate curing rates, producing more consistency and increasing resistance to tears. In plastics, kaolin increases resistance to warping, chemical damage, and electrical damage.

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In these applications, kaolin can improve rheology control, extend the prime resin, and improve strength.

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Cement & Concrete

Kaolin increases strength in concrete and cement-based products. By utilizing our metakaolin in a cementitious mix design, the working characteristics of wet concrete and finished properties of cured concrete are significantly improved.

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Kaolin greatly improves the performance of inks in many different applications. It can add sharpness, pigment reception, longevity, and a variety of special effects like shimmer, pearlescence, and iridescence.

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