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Burgess Thermo Glace H

BURGESS THERMO GLACE H is a delaminated, fine particle size, medium brightness hydrous kaolin clay.  Kaolin naturally occurs as stacks of flat platelets, but through a delamination process, the platelets are sheared into individual particles to produce BURGESS THERMO GLACE H.

The plates lay flat in a film producing a physical barrier as they produce a shingle effect, reducing impermeability while also improving the stress resistance. As a result of its unique particle characteristic, BURGESS THERMO GLACE H is used in primers and trade sales coatings for the reduction of mudcracking (microcracking due to film stress) and reduction of permeability.

sem particle anhydrous - BURGESS THERMO GLACE H

Example of platelets structure in BURGESS THERMO GLACE H