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Burgess No. 28

BURGESS NO. 28 is a densified ultrafine particle size, high brightness, excellent dispersion premium extender for TiO2 in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss water-based coatings where maintaining gloss, tint strength, and hide is critical. Other application areas include printing inks, universal tinting paste, and masterbatches. Due to its spray dried bead form, the application of  BURGESS No. 28 in coatings is limited to water based systems.

BURGESS NO. 28 densified beading package is easier to handle, stores in a smaller space, and allows for a higher quantity loading in containers keeping freight costs down. The densified beads are free flowing without dust, making them preferred for in plant use to minimize dusting, keeping workers and the workspace cleaner. Compared to the same product, BURGESS NO. 98 produced as a pulverized version of BURGESS No. 28, the bead of BURGESS NO. 28 is significantly smaller.

Package of spray dried product on the left versus pulverized product on the right

Package of spray dried product on the left versus pulverized product on the right

Due to the ultra-fine particle size (Average Particle Size 0.2 µ) BURGESS NO. 28 offers superior TiO2 spacing, thus providing increased opacity and tint strength. Significant cost savings can be realized by extending TiO2 and/or color pigments, while maintaining other key performance attributes.

Other Key Attributes Include:

  • Ease of Dispersion
  • Chemically Inert
  • Improved syneresis and settling properties