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Burgess KE

BURGESS KE is an uniquely processed silane modified anhydrous aluminum silicate designed for use in EPR, EPT, crosslinked polyethylene and polyester systems.

BURGESS KE is a very pure, high brightness, low residue, calcined kaolin with a surface that has been chemically transformed by the carefully controlled reaction of an organofunctional silane. This surface conversion permits direct reaction with compatible polymer matrixes in the presence of a peroxide yielding excellent dispersion with minimum work required. Note the image below, the hydrophobicity of the treated clays such as BURGESS KE versus the untreated kaolin.

Icecap K KE 5178 CB float

Hydrophobicity examples of untreated kaolins versus treated kaolins

The evidence of clay/silane/polymer interaction is demonstrated by increased physical properties such as tensile strength and compression set, improved viscosity, scorch and cure. With excellent uniform surface coverage under controlled reaction conditions, BURGESS KE exhibits superior wet and dry, initial and long-term electrical characteristics.

BURGESS KE exhibits lower viscosity (S’max- S’min), and faster cure, therefore easier processing.